We all know trading is the best business in the world. Those who have mastered the art of trading can easily make a big profit without taking too much risk in each trade. If you want to make some serious changes in your life, you must learn to trade this market like the elite traders in Singapore. Sadly, people don’t know how to learn to trade perfectly. Considering the situation of the rookie traders, we have highlighted the key methods that you must follow to master the art of trading. If you can follow the guidelines of this article, you can expect to learn to trade without spending any dime.

Use a practice account

You need to open a practice account to master the art of trading. Try to trade the market with real money is more like gambling. There is no reason to risk your real money when the pro brokers like Saxo are extending their help. You might get lost in the demo trading environment but it is the only effective way to make a consistent profit. Try to practice more so that you know how this market works. Forget the fact, trading is all about taking aggressive steps. Learn to trade the market conservatively so that you can earn more money without taking too much risk.


Trade with low leverage account

You need to open the Forex trading account with low leverage. If you trade with a high leverage account, you are going to lose most of the trades. People often think taking too much by using leverage is the most efficient way to make a profit in the Forex market. But if this was true, no one in the Forex market would have lost money. You have to think about the safety of your investment. If you can protect your capital, you can learn things in an unorganized way. And things become hard when you get access to the high leverage account. So, limit the risk factors by trading with a low leverage account.


Learn the position trading method

Those who are trying to learn to the scalp is not going to earn money. You need to learn the position trading method since it is one of the most efficient ways to make a consistent profit. Being a fulltime trader, you have to think about the long term goals. Forget the fact, trading is all about taking the managed risk. Try to learn the position trading method as it will give you more profit-taking the opportunity. Most importantly, you will get the unique opportunity to place the trade with a high-risk reward ratio. And those who understand the concept of risk to reward ratio can recover the losses very easily.


Learn to analyze the fundamental news

You must learn to analyze the major news or else you will lose most of the trades. People often become frustrated after losing a few trades and they try to recover the loss with aggression. But if you understand the fundamental news, you don’t have to trade with aggression. By trading the major news, you can expect to recover the loss with great ease. Think about the elite traders at Saxo. They always focus on the major news as it gives vital information. And always remember, information is power. Without following the news factor, you can’t make a consistent profit.


Learn from your past mistakes

You must learn from your past mistakes to make a profit. If you rely on the other people method or blindly follow your system, you should never become a currency trader, Trading is more like taking smart steps with managed risk. Once you learn to focus on the long term goals and trade with discipline, you can assess your past trades. By analyzing the past trades, you can easily develop a perfect strategy to deal with the dynamics of this market.