Live streaming has become an extremely useful tool for all sorts of businesses around the world. Is it time you started using it too? 

For a while there, live streaming seemed as though it may have been a fleeting fad but it continues to be used for a variety of purposes in offices. The most obvious uses are communication and marketing, but live streaming has also become an intricate part of some companies’ operations.

Prince NSJ” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by PeterTea

For example, many gaming platforms now have games based entirely around live streaming while many media outlets use Facebook, YouTube and Instagram live to engage with their audiences. Events companies are even known to live stream huge concerts, tournaments and other occasions to ensure that audiences around the world can experience them too.

Still not convinced? Here are some benefits of using live streaming that could improve your business:

It’s Free

Chances are, you already own a device that’s able to connect to the internet – a smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC – many of which have built-in cameras. This means you don’t have to spend another penny from your business account to live stream. All you have to do is download an app like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Twitter, create an account – although your business should already have social media – and go for it.

Boost Authenticity

These days, business transparency is incredibly important to customers. Gone are the days of big scary men sitting in top floor offices keeping secrets from consumers. Now, the more homegrown, ethical and authentic a company is the more likely they are to keep customers around. Live streaming behind the scenes at your company will instantly give you a reputation for being open, trustworthy and grounded.

Modern Experiences

In addition to all that, your company will also be seen as modern and tech-savvy. One of the industries using live streaming technology most is iGaming, which has always been quick to adopt the latest tech. Live streaming is used to power live casino games, which can be found at a number of online platforms where there’s live Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and Poker. Online casinos use live streaming to offer their customers a realistic casino experience and, going by the popularity of live games, it’s definitely working. If you too are able to offer modern experiences using live streaming, chances are customers will greatly appreciate it.

Creating a Community

Customer loyalty is crucial for any business, so allowing customers to interact with each other and create a community with live streams is a fantastic idea. The best part is it will probably happen organically as you continue to stream: as more people enter the stream and watch they’ll begin commenting, thus turning your live stream into a live forum. This will encourage people to return and engage with your business, as well as each other, and some friendships that centre entirely around your company could blossom.

Have we convinced you to try out live streaming? If we have, please let us know if you have any success as we’d love to hear from you.