Any UK business needs to have one eye on the future when it comes to driving growth. As 2020 is now upon us, it gives all business owners in the country an ideal chance to plan ahead for what the new year may bring. This is especially true when you consider that Brexit is now due to happen after Boris Johnson’s recent win in the 2019 general election. One key area for any organisation is managing its finances effectively.

Many companies here will trade overseas and this makes keeping an eye on the foreign currency market wise. By doing so, you can look at which currencies are weak or strong to tailor your response as appropriate. If you need to send money overseas regularly for any business reason, it really is imperative. A good tip is to use specialist international money transfer companies online to do this, so you get the best exchange rates. Just remember to always read the reviews before choosing which company to use.

Of course, there are some key foreign currencies which will be of most interest to UK-based companies. What are the predictions for them in 2020?


2019 was a pretty good year overall for the greenback in the financial markets. Industry experts expect it to carry on doing well in 2020 but at a more moderate level. The U.S. economy is expected to remain strong in the coming 12 months which would help it continue to perform well. One point of note for UK businesses is that many experts think the Dollar will soften on the world stage particularly. This could see the Pound make gains on it during 2020 which will affect any money you send to the U.S.


It will come as no surprise that the outlook in 2020 for the Euro relies heavily on Brexit – certainly for the first quarter of the year. When looking at the Euro and how it could perform in relation to the Pound, the picture is still quite unclear. Sterling hit new highs against the Euro after the Conservatives general election win and this could continue if a sensible Brexit deal is concluded quickly. In broader terms, the Euro is actually expected to have a great 2020 according to analysts with a 4% rally predicted over the 12 months. 

Can the Aussie dollar do well in 2020?

The above are the major global foreign currencies to think about in 2020 but are there any others which catch the eye? In terms of having a good 2020, the real standout in many experts eyes is the Aussie Dollar. Although 2019 was not a great year for the Australian economy, closer trade links with China could help it do much better in 2020.

Keep an eye on the exchange rates

If your business trades overseas or has foreign offices, it is key to look at exchange rates before you send any money abroad. This will help you to get the best value on the day and allow more of the money that is sent to be kept once exchanged. It is also worth having a handle on how the major currencies UK businesses trade with may fare during 2020 as above.