Business administration degrees are popular among students due to the versatility and flexibility they offer. This may include both the career options and diversity of topics in the course curriculum. If prestige, glamour and money is all you seek from your future career, then a business management degree is an absolute fit for you. We have here gathered a list of employment sectors to make your job hunt easier, right after graduating with a business management degree.

  • Finance

    Just within the finance sector, business administration graduates can choose from working in the corporate, investment banks, private equity and venture capital. You will be responsible for helping companies plan their financial road map and make strategic decision pertaining to business growth. Your professionalism will be demonstrated through you ability to help business owners handle complex financial dealings, assisting them with the mergers and acquisitions involved.

  • Strategy consulting

    Working in this field of business administration will give you the power to provide support in high-level decision-making processes for various companies. Your main purpose would be to boost its profitability and assisting it deal with the competitors. Exceptional time management and analytical skills is all you need besides your degree to get full-time job as a strategic consultant.

  • Human resources

    Being appointed in the human resource programme will make you responsible for overseeing various employee aspects, such as:
  • Background checks,
  • Recruitment,
  • Managing interviews;
  • Employee training;
  • Handling employee relations issue;
  • Retention of outstanding employees;
  • Dealing with compensation packages;
  • Employee motivation through recognition and rewards program.

  • Operations Management

    This particular field involves co-ordination with various departments and focusing on the improvement of the efficacy of existing methods to enhance the productivity of a company. Therefore, you must be an expert at executing skilful management of the processes related to the delivering of either goods or services.

  • Technology Management

    Graduates who possess a good technical background can combine their expertise with management abilities to successfully lead and manage all aspects of business projects. You will have to utilise the latest technological trends to oversee processes including planning, designing, scheduling, monitoring, testing and delivering it to the client based on their requirement within the given time frame.

  • Marketing

    Acquiring a marketing role would require you to showcase job-specific skills, but you are especially expected to possess excellent communication and inter-personal skills and be a team player. As an additional perk you can demonstrate your tech savvy abilities to perform market research and data analysis, which is perceived to be a huge advantage in today’s digital age.

So, earning a single degree can let you play different roles and execute diverse functions, giving you a bigger picture of how various organisations operate. Choose BA hons business management to experience a non-boring professional career that you can cherish being part of each day!