Ensure Workplace Collaboration With Fun Team Building Activities

Looking for a fun, yet productive day out with your employees? A Soap Box Derby is the event for your organisation!

94% of workers believe that collaboration is either ‘critically important or important’ to their particular job. This is validated by Cornerstone OnDemand’s research which revealed a direct correlation between successful team collaboration and business performance; specifically, companies where workers were encouraged to be more cohesive, sat within the top 64% of higher-growth organisations.  

How can companies nurture a collaborative work culture though? It’s not enough just to put a team together and expect them to get on with it. Instead, investing in your internal departments by offering external team-building events is a great way for your employees to bond outside of the day-to-day office environment. Such activities will break down barriers and encourage your staff to cheer each other on. But not all team-building events are created equal. Read on to find out why a work Soap Box Derby activity will be a winner for your organisation.

What Is A Soap Box Derby?

The aim of the event is for two or more teams of your employees to create their very own soap box vehicle, and race them against each other to find out which is the fastest.

The day begins with the creation stage of designing their rolling vehicle. Staff will visit the onsite workshop to understand how to put an operational kart together. Next, they’ll go away and build their creation using a range of materials and cutting tools. To get sponsors, they’ll need to pay attention to the finishing touches – putting detail into the artwork so that is attracts attention for the right reasons on the track.

When it comes to testing, your internal teams will battle it out to win the interest of the sponsors, which along with some qualifier races will go towards determining their starting place on the grid. You’ve got to be in it to win it, as they say – so all the prep work your team can put in will really help in the run-up to the final race.

What Will Your Teams Get Out Of This Exercise?

This event covers just about every skillset that you would want to analyse in a team-building activity. Starting with organisational ability, this is a four-stage event and there will be pressure to get through each section of the activity quickly, whilst ensuring that you’ve met each objective of the designing, building, testing and racing stages. Timekeeping will be essential to keep you literally on track!

However, the soap box derby also opens up a lot of opportunities for more creative members of your teams to showcase their artistic flairs. Naturally, some of your team will be better at the design process than others, but that’s absolutely fine; team-building events are all about identifying the individual strengths of your team members with the backing and support of their colleagues. It may be that some less creative personalities emerge as natural leaders, who are excellent at motivating the overall team to become champions of the day!

The great thing about team-building events such as the Soap Box Derby, is the lift that they bring to office morale. This lasts far longer than the duration of the activity and will give the entire workplace a boost. Collaboration is essential for the success of your business, and team-building is an excellent way to demonstrate how your employees can come together and be stronger when united.